Know your bauhinia

Use this handy guide (click to enlarge) for spotting the different Bauhinia trees most common in Hong Kong. Flowering period is a big giveaway with ‘purpurea’ stopping flowering just as ‘variegata’ starts. But notice that Bauhinia blakeana flowers the longest, from October to April – an incredible 6 months! That’s partly because of it being … [Read more…]

Indiegogo fundraising launched

We are crowdfunding the Bauhinia genomes (3 species!) on Indiegogo and the project page launched yesterday! This ‘soft launch’ took place at BGI’s annual International Conference on Genomics (ICG10) that is currently taking place in Shenzhen during a special session on community science projects hosted by Scott Edmunds. Please do go and check out the … [Read more…]