We are crowdfunding the Bauhinia genomes (3 species!) on Indiegogo and the project page launched yesterday! This ‘soft launch’ took place at BGI’s annual International Conference on Genomics (ICG10) that is currently taking place in Shenzhen during a special session on community science projects hosted by Scott Edmunds.

Please do go and check out the project page, keep an eye out for the updated video that will go up at the start of November, read all about the project and, of course… donate to and share the project!!!

This genomics project is aimed at getting Hong Kong excited about genomics and about building skills in Hong Kong in order to ensure its future as the home of cutting edge genetic research. We’ll be asking Hong Kongers to take part in ‘Bauhinia Watch’ to help record the flowering times, locations and numbers of species of Bauhinia in Hong Kong; using the genomic data to train local students in how to assemble complex genomes; and publicising the technology and results through bilingual articles and videos and lectures.

Join us in promoting science and technology in Hong Kong while helping to unravel the mystery of the beautiful Hong Kong Bauhinia and its family – check out the fundraising page today!

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