This science project is a community project – it needs you!!!

We’re going to be getting the samples in Hong Kong, sequencing the genome in Hong Kong and then masters students at CUHK will be assembling the DNA jigsaw. This project is all about Hong Kong’s scientific skillset – and you can get involved too!

We need to know more about what the different Bauhinia are doing in Hong Kong – when they’re flowering, when they produce seeds, when they are dormant and where they are! We’re also very keen to find the elusive ‘seeding blakeana’, an often reported but never confirmed rare case of Bauhinia blakeana that may have adapted from its sterile beginnings to actually produce seeds – life will find a way! We can cover more ground together so your eyes are all important to this mission.

There are a few ways to get involved and we’re adding more all the time. Follow the links below (or in the menu above) to access educational resources to learn more about Bauhinia, then use your skills to join Bauhinia Watch and help us better understand these beautiful trees and, of course, please help by crowdfunding the genomics part of this project.